Revealing your inner gold

Instructor:Anne Ghodbane Richard


Intuitive singing, Sounds, Scents and Symbols
This retreat invites you to a joyful and spiritual break, to discover the essence of your inner self. You will explore the variations of your voice, anchored in the consciousness of the body.

Meditative olfaction with essential oils will be our space for renewal and expansion. You will gently tame your sounds, your songs, which will subtly give life to a true symphony of sound: an alchemical care that each person gives and receives alternately.

You will be enlightened by the precious guidance of the symbolism of the Tarot de Marseille. Through your Birth Chart, you will discover your strengths, weaknesses, challenges as well as your resources, your arcana of the soul and of healing. This will shed light on the meaning of your incarnation and your actuality.

These vibratory, energetic and symbolic bridges favour the meeting with the treasure that we are, revealing our splendour: the Gold in ourselves.

Welcome to all, even if you have just a faint voice, what is essential: it is your unique frequency.

Anne Ghodbane Richard, Tarot reader, Astrologer, Practitioner of improvised intuitive singing, sound and olfactory healing

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