Dancing & Qi Gong

Instructor: Michèle Fleury

This class, open to all, alternates the practice of Qi Gong, a Chinese energy art, with that of Nia Dance, a free and creative dance.

Through the rigor and gentleness of Qi Gong, we will work on grounding, alignment and relaxation. There will also be sessions of sensory nature work and meditation. Slowly, blocks are released and the body becomes more fluid, more available and more alive.

With different rhythms and music, dance movement leads us on a welcome and joyful journey of liberation. We move between coded and free dance, between tonality and fluidity, between slowness and speed. Little by little, we are touched by what emerges from our personal expression and we are won over. A new field of possibilities opens up, freeing us and making us more alive.

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