About Us

Behind the hotel, there is a family that loves its living space and enjoys its activities. Over the past 30 years, it has welcomed thousands of travelers from all over the world and has created its own identity in the tourism sector.

Our Hotel

The dream came true, it was painted in blue and white and from sunny August of 1990, it proudly stands on one of Megas Gialos’ hills overlooking the blue horizon of the Aegean Sea.


Our rooms, all simple, of sufficient size, have all the amenities necessary for a pleasant and well-kept stay in a place where particular attention is paid to details.

Simplicity and authenticity describe perfectly
the atmosphere of Alkyon


In a quiet environment, far from the beaten track and rich in positive energy, Alkyon has updated its identity as a destination for seminars on well-being and alternative tourism, and has become the preferred refuge for many people looking for the authentic and the little “something extra” that is not found elsewhere and that makes the difference….

Discover Syros

In Greece, between the transparent blue waters of the Cyclades, there is a small island that few people know. It is revealed to those who are willing to make a small effort to discover the treasures and authentic beauty of a place.

The calmness and easy access to the mountain and the sea
are the advantages of the area