our history

In Greece, between the transparent blue waters of the Cyclades, there is a small island that few people know. It is revealed to those who are willing to make a small effort to discover the treasures and authentic beauty of a place.
In 1979, this island was revealed to a traveller from France who was destined to live there for more than just her summer holidays. Her acquaintance with Iakovos and the vision he shared with his brother George, led to the dream becoming a reality. The dream came true, it was painted in blue and white and from sunny August of 1990, it proudly stands on one of the Megas Gialos hills overlooking the blue horizon of the Aegean Sea.
This island is “SYROS” and the dream is called “ALKYON HOTEL”.

The identity of the hotel

Simplicity and authenticity perfectly describe the atmosphere of the Alkyon. The building, the environment, the plants are arranged harmoniously and inspire tranquility and inner peace. Alkyon’s cats walk outside, preserving the hotel’s energy and giving everyone the opportunity to make a new four-legged friend during their holidays. The hotel’s decoration, furniture and music create a vintage and authentic atmosphere that keeps our history alive. Our philosophy is to take care of all the details and focuses on satisfying the customer’s needs with discretion and generosity. Since 2012, we have become a place of spiritual and physical well-being by updating our identity as an alternative and creative tourism destination.

For 30 years, we have been offering authentic Greek hospitality tinged with little “French-style” touches, cultivating a real contact with the customer… Alkyon is a place to return to. We have the same customers who come back regularly over the last 30 years and this is no coincidence… At Alkyon, you arrive as a customer and leave as a friend.
Over the years, the “Alkyon family” has been formed, whose members feel at home.
30 years later, we continue to move forward and dream! Come dream with you and let’s fly like blue birds in the golden sky above the sea…

Simplicity and authenticity describe perfectly
the atmosphere of Alkyon

The Alkyon experience

We are a family business that aims to offer you a pleasant and relaxing stay in a friendly and relaxing environment. We love our island and that’s why we are here to advise you for an authentic Syros experience. Whether you are fascinated by the idea of exploring our island or you do not wish to move around too much during your holidays, at Alkyon Hotel you will find the ideal environment. Enjoy your breakfast facing the endless blue sea and descend through thyme and sage until you find your own cove on the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Lie down on a rock and enjoy the soothing sunshine under the melodic sounds of the water on the rocks.
Let the breeze show you the way back to the hotel, enjoy a fresh salad on the terrace and spend the afternoon sleeping in the shade of a palm tree or in your room, leaving the balcony doors open. The hotel’s rooms can offer you magnificent and unforgettable moments, whether you are accompanied or not. If you are rather lonely, we suggest that you choose a book from the library and read it on your quiet balcony at sunset when the horizon is tinged with bright colors. Drink a tasty cocktail while watching the sunset behind the top of the mountain. After the evening meal, go to your favourite place by the pool and lie down under the clear sky listening to the music we have carefully chosen.


There are days in the middle of winter when the winds ease, the sea calms down and the sun warms the creation as if it were summer in the middle of winter. The ancient Greeks had created a myth for this remarkable phenomenon, the myth of Alcyone. According to it, the young and beautiful Alkioni lived happily with her husband Ceyx until the sea took him away and plunged her into grief. Her lament provoked the compassion of the gods and transformed them both into birds so that they could relive their love. Thus, every year in January, Zeus stops the winds, the sea reflects the blue sky and the weather warms up so that Alkioni can incubate its eggs in the cracks of the rocks by the sea. These birds exist today and bear the old name “Alkyon”. Their metallic blue color is particularly impressive and it is a chance to be able to sit on the rocks and contemplate the sea. The alkyon bird symbolizes protection and peace, giving the summer days of January the name “Alkyonides”, conveying a message of optimism and warmth… sunlight can bring peace and warmth to the heart of the coldest “winter”…

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