Aerial Yoga FR
Instructor: Maryvonne Lascombes
May 30th to June 6th
September 5th to September 12th
September 15th to September 22nd
October 17th to October 24th

The practice of aerial yoga or yogaswing has introduced an additional accessory to
the practice of yoga, the hammock to provide weightless work. Your postures are in
turn lighter and/or stronger. An important aspect of the practice of aerial yoga is the deep understanding of what letting go means mentally and physically: Trusting, trusting yourself. It is also an aid to increased oncentration in order to live intensely in the present moment, to learn how to relax muscles that are too often unnecessarily contracted. Many postures take up Iyengar’s work, with the hammock replacing the ropes for a little more “comfort” and to offer other possibilities. This support prepares you for a better understanding of yourself since you have time to feel the posture, to breathe and to decode what will bring you, on the ground, a solid anchorage and a unique feeling of expansion.

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