Swimming pool

The first swimming pool on the island appears as an oasis with the vegetation surrounding it, offering moments of freshness and relaxation under the infinitely blue sky. Close your eyes, enjoy the sun and let the sound of trees and birds bring you back to the present. The crystal clear water of the pool will reflect the passing clouds but also your most hidden desires.

The bar

Beautiful cocktails made from fresh Syros ingredients and original natural fruit juices of all colors are at the disposal of connoisseurs. Do not hesitate to place an order whether you are immersed in your book in the shade of a palm tree or under the starry sky.


Start your day with a full breakfast on the terrace overlooking the blue sky, surrounded by sounds of nature and specially selected music. Try our colorful salads with fresh vegetables and fruit for a refreshing lunch and taste traditional Greek cuisine at your dinner with one of our desserts.
Authentic vintage music will play peacefully, the silvery reflection of the moon on the sea will have its relaxing effect. It’s up to you to enjoy it!

Events and seminars

The space and spirit of the Alkyon correspond as well to what a family or even a solitary traveler is looking for, but they are also perfectly compatible for small groups. Getting together with family or friends to celebrate an event will be remembered as an unforgettable and magnificent memory. Groups from many parts of the world come regularly to meditate, practice their art and get to know each other a little better. The activities take place indoors or outdoors, in the multipurpose room or under the pergola, places specially designed for each occasion.


From day one, the whitewashed building, with its blue windows, embellished the mountain against the deep blue of the sea. The large parking lot, the outdoor chess, tennis and swimming pool surround the building, creating a cocoon where you feel protected. Each corner is designed with particular sensitivity and attention, creating a harmonious space where peace and tranquility prevail. Bougainvilleas, laurels and palm trees complete the setting, giving the place the feeling of a large garden and coloring a place where white and blue reign, faithful to the Cycladic tradition.


In the hotel lounge, you will find a large library of books in French and in different languages for all tastes, ready to fascinate the next reader. In the same place are our board games, which have entertained families, friends and children, but have also brought people of different nationalities around the same table, offering them special intercultural experiences full of tension, laughter and of course new friendships.

The reception

Behind the small hotel, there is a family that loves its living space and enjoys its activities. Over the past 30 years, it has welcomed thousands of travelers from all over the world and has created its own identity in the tourism sector. From this love, we draw our will to show the visitor the magical and unique faces of Syros so that he can discover his own interests while walking in a place that he feels familiar. We are always there, ready to reveal our little secrets and offer the best local advice for an authentic Syros experience.