TO 12

Aquatic relaxation and biological decoding FR
Instructors: Marion de Sirius and Pascale Dassonneville


Eau Coeur de Soi: a journey of transformation in the heart of one’ s cells.

With Marion de Sirius, creator of Cosmic Swimming*, practitioner in Aquatic Resonance*, and Pascale Dassonneville, physiotherapist, osteopath, therapist in Biological Decoding of symptoms**.

Re-connecting with WATER, the source of life, interface between the visible and the invisible.

The theme of this practice is to plunge into the heart of oneself by reconnecting to the primordial Source, an indispensable element for all life on Earth; WATER.

This workshop is open to all. It is particularly intended for people who wish to evolve freely, to find ease, fluidity, confidence and well-being in everyday life. No need to be a good swimmer to participate in the aquatic workshops. And if your relationship with the water is problematic, you will be accompanied at your own pace, gently, to rediscover the pleasure of immersing yourself, without any apprehension or fear of drinking water because you will learn to float and let yourself be carried along…


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