In the heart of the Cyclades

In the centre of the Aegean Sea between the neighboring Cycladic islands, Syros stands out as the capital of the Cyclades, combining its unique wealth. The picturesque tradition of the Cyclades coexists with charm with its impressive neoclassical heritage, creating a remarkable cultural particularity.

An ancient civilization

One of the oldest civilizations in the world, the Cycladic civilization, still keeps its secrets hidden in the rocks and mountains of Syros, remaining a treasure inscribed on stone plaques. 

The history of Greece

Industry, commerce and navigation developed in Syros, while Piraeus did not yet exist on the map, and have marked modern Greek history in many fields, defining Syros as a rare and admirable avant-garde.

Syros, island of festivals

The heart of civilization strikes hard in Syros with theatre, cinema, dance, concerts, exhibitions, shows and festivals of all kinds taking place throughout the year. Rightly so, it has been named “the island of festivals”, while preserving its particularity….one day, you can go to the opera, the next day, dance traditional dances during a festival.

Rare geological phenomenon

Syros is a unique geological event in the world, which makes it a very popular focus for geologists, students, academics and researchers from all over the world.

Original nature / Unique nature

The lush Syros mountains during the winter months, with a multitude of flowers in spring, give way to endless golden fields that wavy with the air in summer. The golden and blue landscape takes on orange hues during the autumn sunsets… In Syros, each passing month brings a different landscape. The green meadows turn into purple, yellow, red and golden plains… the only thing that doesn’t change is our desire as children to go through them….

Alkyon suggests activities and ideas for an authentic local experience



Guided tours

Cooking lessons

Hidden beaches

Meditation, massage, yoga


Gathering herbs and plants

Secrets of nature

Horseback riding by the sea

Boat trip

Sup, canoe, windsurfing

Preparation of loukoumi

Music Rebetiko

Neoclassical architecture

Churches and chapels

Traditional dances