TO 17

The Great Crossing FR
Instructor: Dominique Jeanneret

La Grande Traversée

It is under the sun of the island of Syros in Greece that I take you on this journey into the heart of the Self to identify, disconnect and heal beliefs, fears and wounds as well as the attitudes you unconsciously pose that prevent you from reaching your goals and realizing the life of your dreams.

You are invited to a workshop to find yourself again, to regain your footing and self-confidence, to recover your power, to give yourself Love, to get out of mental and eventually even physical suffering, to rediscover the Joy of Living, the motivation and the passion to move forward on your path towards Happiness, and to begin to create your life as you truly desire it.

You will set clear intentions and see why you are unable to achieve your life goals and the fulfillment of your desires and dreams. You will seek answers and untie knots that prevent you from fulfilling yourself and creating the life you desire. All of this will be done with gentleness, intensity, authenticity, respect and good humour.

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