TO 29

Watercolor Travel Journal FR
Instructor: Marielle Filaudeau


To create a travel diary by mixing watercolour, drawing, pigments, ink, collages… a personal creation that will tell your story… in your own way!

To learn watercolour in a playful and free way. For me, painting, creating, is “to capture an emotion, taming the light, embracing the present moment…”.

To relax in a magnificent and unique site with a rich and
a variety of scenery, to enjoy the environment, the sea and the oxygen in a warm atmosphere.

To experiment, share, discover, create, paint, draw,
and dare… a landscape, the sea, a scene of life… and above all to capture the light!

A big YES to your creativity!

“Marielle Filaudeau has been passionate about art since her
childhood. Her life path has led her to live from her passion since 2010. In 2020 she published her first book “Art traversées” d’une rive à l’autre de ma vie, Chroniques d’une expression artistique.”

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