TO 31

Yoga FR
Instructor: Robert Dumel

Robert Dumel
Yoga teacher since 1975
Psychologist / Psychotherapist

“The Art of Simplicity, Savouring the Instant”.

Through yogic teachings and practices (postural, respiratory, meditative… and other related techniques…) facilitate the release of inner confusion and find the clarity of mind from which the serenity of the moment is revealed.

Through deep relaxation (yoga nidra), discovering this enlarged consciousness, this fourth state of consciousness (turiya) which erases the boundaries between waking, dreaming and deep sleep and opens wide the inner self: offering this space to the mind!

By refining the art of breath (pranayama), we find the “breath/no breath”, the “suspended” breath (kevali) which, necessarily, is a true non-mental state (unmani), that is to say a deep state of meditation: isn’t this particularly joyful, blessed, peaceful and benevolent state the state of yoga? Isn’t it the natural state of mind?

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